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Who Is Ron Simplified Myers?

Who Is Ron
Who Is Ron

I am a “life explorer” and enjoy reading, attending events, etc. anything that will help me to understand “why we as humans do the things that we do” or as Tony Robbins would say, “why we don’t do what we say we want and continue to do what we say we don’t want.” Yes, “we humans” are kind of messed up – lol.

The truth (my opinion) is, we are actually being programmed with bad information. I believe we are all here on earth for one reason: “to enjoy this journey called life”. Through our example of being happy, more will want to know the secret.

That secret is what Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Esther Hicks (Abraham) and a few others that I follow teach and that is: everything you need is “within you”. When people learn the gifts are within and live it, they help inspire the world. Expanding this understanding is where my true passion lies.

I enjoy watching basketball and football on television and of course in person. My teams are “any team” in California and in “every sport”. I don’t know anything about hockey, but I was pulling for our Los Angeles (Stanley Cup Winning) Kings, Anaheim (Stanley Cup Winning – yes I know it has been awhile lol) and more recently the San Jose Sharks. I actually watched a few games on TV. All I can tell you is the action was fast. I still don’t know the game.

My nephews keep telling me that “men” know they can only have one team. If I must pick my favorite teams, it would be Lakers, Raiders, Dodgers. I still say “every team in every sport” in California is my favorite team even if that means I am off the “men club” list. Besides, I never joined to begin with. lol

Since the Rams have returned, I guess I will put them back on my list.

I hope after reading this, you like that guy Ron Simplified Myers. I think he is pretty cool. So until we communicate again.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the moment

Uplifting Life Partner
Ron Simplified Myers
“It ain’t right, it ain’t wrong, it’s my opinion”.


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