Lifes Most Valuable Lesson

I read a book and received what I believe to be “Lifes Most Valuable Lesson.” I wish I remembered the name of the book so I could share it.

The lesson was: “Everything will either die or break depending on what it is”.

Looking at that statement you would say – “Yeah, and”.

Well the book recommends that you break it or let it die in advance. The reason for that is so you can go through the pain “NOW”. The great part is you get to come back to reality and realize it hasn’t occurred yet.

This will allow you to appreciate the things and people in your life.

I will share with you from personal experience how this method changed my relationship with someone close to me.

The person is a pessimist.

What do I mean? Any subject that comes up, they will look for the negative or at least the opposite of what you think or say. This person says that they do it to see both sides of the subjects. I could believe that if it happened every now and then, but not on every topic. As a matter of fact, we could agree on a particular subject and this person will still try to find something wrong, just to get a negative conversation going.

Anyway, one day I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for the day. I thought about this individual above but remembered they were out of town for the weekend. Then I thought about the fact that if something happened to them and I was in a position that I would never be able to visit them again, how would I feel?

By the way, I was contemplating at that time in my life whether to cut this person out of my life. I was working on building my own business and the last thing I needed was a pessimistic person in my path (haven’t we been told this – “Cut all the negative people out of your life?”).

Well picturing life without this person, created instant pain within. I realized the impact this person had on my life. I recognized the fact that you don’t have to agree with everything about a person. Neither one of us are right. We are just, “Who we are choosing to be”.

Our relationship has been great ever since that day.

By the way, that day also helped me with my phrase that you will see in my videos, blogs and most things that I do and I will close with it here: “It ain’t right, it ain’t wrong, it’s my opinion”. What am I sharing with you here? “You ain’t right. You ain’t wrong. You are living your life through your opinions”. Cut people some slack.

Use this exercise and start to truly enjoy your life and those people and things that are in it.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the moment

Uplifting Life Partner
Ron Simplified Myers
“It ain’t right, it ain’t wrong, it’s my opinion”.

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