Success At What Expense

Success By Any Means

Success At What Expense is a conversation that is very crucial to this journey we call life. People are telling you that you need to work day and night, weekends, miss family and other events in order to be successful. Folks that statement in itself takes you out of alignment of success. If you have to neglect the people and things that are of value to you, you can’t be successful. Success is not a destination. It is not when you get to a certain level of income or to some promise land. Success is how you live your life. Are you living in alignment with your values?

We are in a world that you can have it all. I understand there are times that you will devote more time to something else, but it should never become a habit and definitely never come at the expense of those things of value.

I remember a gentleman telling me when I joined my first network marketing company (back in 1987), “Ron, for the next year or two, just put your head down. Put your girlfriend and everything else on hold. After that you will be done and never have financial issues again”.

My response, “if I have to neglect my girlfriend and things that are important to me to reach a certain financial level, then I will just take a longer route. At the end of two years, if my girlfriend is not here and I have damaged those relationships that are close to me, just to make money, than what was it worth? I want the financial success for those that I value.” By the way, that girlfriend became my wife.

Now taking this subject to an even deeper level, I got punched in the stomach with this conversation from the book: “The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Life” by Lynne Twist. She talked about how we strive so hard to get more and never think about the fact if we need it or we are just having excess. That is not what messed me up.

She talked about going shopping for her granddaughter and was excited about all the things she was going to buy. Her son called and had a heart to heart conversation about they didn’t want more than what she needed and they didn’t want to support certain brands and companies. Read the book to get the whole conversation and the rest of the powerful material in it.

Anyway, her mission is hunger projects around the world. Traveling the world and seeing what is done to kids (parents scaring them and cutting off limbs, etc. so the kid would look more desperate and create more sympathy from tourist because that was the kids way of earning income), the sweat shops and other horrible human sacrificing.

Her stories bought back the memory of the movie “Good Hair” featuring Chris Rock (which did not get as much publicity that it deserved) because he talked about the things that happen to people to get their hair from them, so we in the “wealthier countries or communities” could have excess (wigs, weaves, extensions, etc).

It hit me because we get caught up (me included) in achieving more and having more, but never stop to think about who is paying what price to allow us to have what in most cases is “excess”. We need to understand that there is enough in the world for everyone. When we get to that level as a human race, the competing to be number one and all the other things that have no value once you leave this earth will cease to exist.

What price is being paid so you can have $200 tennis shoes? We need to ask before we start spending our money on these “excess” things and supporting those that are willing to sacrifice other humans to get there.

By the way, I just saw a video a guy posted on Facebook. At a restaurant, I guess an employee went and threw a bucket of water on a homeless person that was hanging outside the place. The guy taped his conversation with the employee and it is going viral (might not be safe for that employee especially in that part of Los Angeles). The bottom line is how do we treat each other to make a dollar.

So folks, I am not saying don’t strive to have the finer things in life, but be aware of the expense that is being paid (your family or others) as you chase “more”

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