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I Help People To "Regain Their Championship" And "Attract The Right People" Into Their Life By Building

Self-Esteem and Loving The Person in The Mirror

Ron Simplified Myers

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 Getting To Know

Ron Simplified Myers

Ron “Simplified” Myers is an amazing podcaster and author who has had many life experiences, which have shaped his perspectives and personal views. Ron dated for 9 years and married for 23 years (a total of 32 years) to the love of his life, whom he cherished deeply. As fate would have it, he lost his beloved wife to cancer after a 17-year battle, which was a devastating heartbreak for him. Despite the loss, Ron remained resilient and found strength by sharing his life experiences.


Throughout their adventure, they had to overcome numerous hurdles, one of which was fighting societal prejudice from family members because of their interracial marriage. Despite the obstacles, they persevered and maintained their love for each other, seeking to inspire other couples by encouraging them to pursue happiness and not give up.


During their life together, they faced several financial difficulties. They acquired and lost homes and eventually filed for bankruptcy. At one point in time, they found themselves homeless. Despite this, they continued to work hard and focused on rebuilding their life and most important, stayed committed to their marriage.


It was tough for Ron and his wife since she could not bear children, prompting them to try different medical options. But through it all, they were unsuccessful. A time that many would point fingers and create stress in a relationship, they remained entirely devoted to each other and their loving relationship.


In summary, Ron’s life and relationship journey has been characterized by joy and heartbreak, and he has channeled these experiences into his writing, podcasting, and motivational speaking. His story is one of perseverance, resilience, and triumphs during difficult times. Through his work, Ron strives to inspire others to find strength in the face of adversity and remain committed to their loved ones.

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