Action Without A Plan

Action Randomly Is It Costing You

Action without a plan sounds like a good plan compared to not doing anything.

I can agree with that if you are doing nothing.  Even if you get lost, you are making progress. It will be the wrong direction, but at least you will get to realize why it is something you don’t want.

But the other side of just taking action is you are usually just being “busy”. What follows “busy” is you will start to question yourself and why you are not getting results. This is where random action can be damaging.

So a good plan of action is to sit down and create a plan. Get a mentor to share input and get you heading in the right direction. The down side to this is if you are not sure what you really want, then you will not follow the advice of the mentor.

I believe there is a better way and it is a simple process.

Spend quality time alone (at least one hour a day) and bring peace into yourself (meditation and a whole lot of practicing gratitude). The better you feel about yourself, clarity will start to show up and doors will start to open.

For most people they are blocking progress because of how they feel about themselves. So that has to be there starting place.

So this video goes back to the original question –  “Are You Losing Money By Taking Action?”

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