I Can’t Win For Losing

Winning Is Out Of The Question

Can’t win for losing is a catch phrase that is way more popular than it should be. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Can you imagine as a child if your attitude was “I can never walk because of crawling.” If you continued that conversation, you would never walk. In this example you are convincing yourself that crawling is your only method of getting around.

Fortunately for kids, they don’t operate that way. They look at as this crawling as something that is getting in the way of them walking. For some, it is keeping them from running. You have seen those kids that are trying to run before they can even walk good. The true meaning of they have places to go and are ready to make things happen.

Unfortunately, kids run into adults and they are programmed with bad information. One of those is that word “Can’t”.

Ask a kid about anything, they believe it is possible. Some adults on the other hand, don’t believe in anything.

In this video I will share why you must change this mindset.

If you go into anything and you believe I/we cant win, then you have 2 options:

1) Quit or

2) Eliminate that thought and compete. You will be surprised by the outcome

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