Conscious vs Subconscious Mind

Conscious Mind Creates Subconscious

Conscious vs Subconscious Mind is being taught as a complicated science project. Many are being trained that their subconscious (unconscious) mind is against them. Fighting them.

Well last I heard, we only have one mind.

Now I can go along with we have conscious and sub or unconscious thoughts. All that means is what we are thinking about is a part of our consciousness. Why? Because it is what we are focused on.

Everything  else stored in your brain is not a focus point and therefore those are sub or unconscious thoughts. Why? Because they are things we are “not” focused on.

Here is something to think about. How did those unconscious thoughts get in your brain (mind) to begin with?

Again many teach it is an evil spirit or it is only there to protect you, so it blocks you from taking risk.

If that is true, how did the mind figure out it was a risk?

I see people jumping from airplanes, skiing off mountains, riding skate boards on metal boards, etc. There are people that swim deep in the water around sharks and people getting in cages with lions. How is all of that possible?

I share in this video, a simple explanation

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