Freedom Is A State Of Mind

Freedom for most people revolve around being your own boss. It is definitely what I recommend. Yet, for some, they are not accomplishing what they want as an entrepreneur and might need to work for someone until they make the mental shift to being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship doesn’t mean – “don’t have a boss or work for someone.” You have to have something that gets results.

I wanted to make this clear because being an entrepreneur (or not working for someone else) is not what causes you to have freedom. If you are totally stressed and unhappy, can’t pay your bills; then you are not Free. Freedom is truly being at peace and that has to do with the mind.

Do not misinterpret what I am saying.  You can work for someone else and be Free. It just doesn’t work for me.

Some people work for others and are able to do the things they want in life. They don’t have the stress of being their “own boss and all the responsibilities.” That is the way they perceive it.

The main point I am making is whatever method allows you to live your values and desires. If not, you need to start making adjustments.

In this video, I share why it is significant to be able to control your life (in all areas). That is FREEDOM

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