Gratitude is something that is far removed from the thinking of most people. They spend most of their waking hours complaining about what they don’t have. How life is treating them unkind. How others are lucky.

Once a person recognizes that they attract the things that show up in their life, practicing gratitude makes sense.

(Quick Tip: Spend 45 minutes to an hour daily being grateful and watch your life become filled with abundance in all areas).

Think about it, if you had a choice to help someone that was grateful or someone that takes everything for granted, acts as if they are owed something, which person would you choose?

Why do we think Source (God/vibes/karma – we are not here to tell you what to think), would operate any different?

In fairness to most, they believe their emotions just happen and they have no control. We continue to teach at Simplified University how to take your power back.

When you know that you control your emotions, the difference between enjoying life and feeling like a victim becomes real.

In this video, I will share a tip to turn up your “Gratitude” volume

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