Normally I Don’t

Normally I Wouldn’t Do This

Normally I don’t is a phrase that causes me to chuckle whenever someone starts a conversation like that. My first thought is, then why are you?

Whenever you use that statement, a person is going to question your integrity immediately.

Unless it is a life or death situation when you use that phrase, people don’t believe you. Most are thinking the same thing I am.

That is almost the same as when you hear someone say, “This sale or discount is today and today only.” Maybe it is only today but you will be offering the same thing again soon.

It is believed by many to be a high pressured method of sales. And you know people do not like to be sold. They do like to buy though.

The best method of getting people to do business is to talk with them like a human being. Find out what they want. If you can help them, then and only then should you be offering your products or services.

So those of you that are using this in your marketing on the internet, I would recommend that you stop and talk with people from the heart.

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