Leadership Is Born

Leadership Is Like Following Someone In A Car

Leadership is like following someone in a car. If you follow them, you will end up in the same place. If you change lanes, stop or anything else and allow the car to go on without you, that car is now by itself. It no longer has any followers.

The person in the front car can’t just make a decision that they are a leader and the world will now follow them. They can’t take classes and become an expert driver and it makes them a leader.

They can only be a leader if someone else decides to follow them.

The key words to leadership is “voluntarily follow them.”

If you have a position over someone and they listen to you “only” because of the title, then they are not following “You.” They are following the title. So the title is the leader.

Take a moment and watch the video and you will have a different perspective on what leadership really is.

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