Negativity Training

Training By Using Negativity

Negativity is a method that some use when they are mentoring. It is believed to be the best way to push people to reach for more.

I guess I don’t get it. I can’t imagine “tearing me down” to be the best way to “build me up.” Why not build me up? I think it is a lousy way to deal with people and it is a way that doesn’t work when dealing with me. The fastest way to get me to “not” do what you ask is to speak down to me.

There is an analogy that was shared with me a long time ago.

It was said there are two ways to build the tallest building:

  1. Build the tallest building
  2. Tear down the buildings around you so that you are the tallest

I guess that in a nutshell explains how I see it. I believe in building the tallest building. Everyone feels good about themselves and it is fun. Eliminates stress and future counseling.

Now with that said, there are times that people may need to get that “kick in the butt” as it is called. They are going through the motions and are not present (mentally) to the task at hand.

So, there are moments that you need to adjust, but I don’t recommend it as the way to train.


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