Past Future and Present

The Past Future and Present all play a role in this journey we call life. We must keep them in the correct perspective so that the ride is always extraordinary.

Let’s first look at the past. It is done. Over. Completed. In the rear view mirror.

The future is in the distance and not guaranteed.

All we have is the present. Today. This moment.

We can glance back at the past and look at all the value it has added to get us to – today. Even those things that didn’t go as planned, still added to who we are.

The future is waiting to be created by what we “decide” it will look like. See most have decided that the future will look like the past and then get upset when they are “right”.

Those that get what they want “decide” they will do things differently and then they have a different future and they are “right”.

The future is waiting on you and the decisions that you make “today”. After all, the decisions today will meet up with you in the future.

So what is on your plate right now. If it is good and getting you where you really want to be in the future, eat well. If it is beginning to spoil or is spoiled, dump the plate or at least the stuff that is not good and enjoy what is left. If need be, dump it all. Clean the plate and get back in line.

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