Promoting Money

If people would step back, breathe and observe, they would realize people are not inspired by money.

Now you can motivate people by sharing the idea of being a millionaire in a day, but they will not do what is necessary to make it happen because they are not inspired.

So what is the difference?

Motivation is another way of saying being excited. Someone shares the dream of living the lifestyle of the rich and famous and you get those fuzzy, exciting feelings.

Why? You start to envision, create stories of what it would be like.

Those feelings are short lived because they are just that – “feelings”. Feelings change just as often as the wind changes.

When you write a new story about a situation, your feelings change. So when a person receives negativity from others or their own self doubt, they will lose their motivation.

Now inspiration on the other hand leaves you with no option. I use the example of a loved one in a burning building. You will do whatever it takes to get in and save them.

Bad stories on what could happen, can pop into your head and you will still go into the building.

Why? You are not motivated to go into the building. You are inspired. When someone is inspired, no one can stop them.

The same holds true for joining a business opportunity. People are motivated about the idea of earning money. Yet, once they are inside, the business itself doesn’t take them from motivated to inspired. If they are not inspired, they will just sit inside of your business.

This is why I keep saying, “stop promoting money” (unless you enjoy just having a bunch of people sitting on your team and doing nothing).

Promote what people want (the 6 human needs – Tony Robbins). Show them how your opportunity can address those wants. Once they can see their wants will be addressed, they will become inspired. That “inspired” person will get results because for them, getting results is the only option.

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