Resolutions Become Reality

Resolutions And Making Them A Reality

Resolutions are very popular as the New Year approaches. It is when the gyms pack out. Everyone is walking in the neighborhood. People are eating the right foods. Some even work on controlling their anger and whatever their other emotional issues are that are not pleasing to them.

There is no question that people have made the decision that they are tired of a particular area in their life. January 1st, game over and life will never be the same.

Well if this is your thought pattern (or someone you know), don’t even think about changing at the New Year. It is not going to last (well, maybe for a week or two).

I don’t want to seem like a pessimist or rain on anyone’s parade but a “decision” means to cut off options.

The fact that the calendar is when you are going to make a change, tells you have not made a decision. You have a preference.

When you make a decision, it happens in the moment. It is immediate.

So if you are one of those people that have set a New Years Resolutions, this video is a great message for you?

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