The Enemy is En-E-Me

I heard these words a long time ago, “The enemy is en-e-me.” I didn’t understand it back then, but I have come to understand and believe those powerful words.

The challenge is getting others to understand that their battle is within them.

Most people spend their time blaming their boss, their spouse, their family, and friends for their life being where it is.

The problem you face with this thought process is: you become a victim.


Because you now believe your destiny is out of your hands. There is nothing more damaging to a person, than to believe their life is out of their hands. I am not talking religion and for those that want to argue that point, read closely: you have a “free will”. This means you have the freedom of choice, which means you have the freedom to control your destiny. Your decisions will decide your destiny.

What am I getting to?

You have to spend more time with you. Get in touch with the inside of you. Allow the energy, vibration, gut feelings that have been placed in you to do its part in your life. It is your GPS system. Trust it because it will never lead you astray.

If it feels wrong, don’t do it. Do not allow other’s beliefs to be your guide. People were not placed here to guide you. That doesn’t mean people are not placed in your life to share information that you may use along life’s path. You just have to take the information in, filter it through your system and decide if it is leading you where you want to go.

Trying to be someone else or following someone else’s roadmap (they created for you) will always keep you unfulfilled. We are all born to be individuals. So dig within you, find you and let him or her shine. If you don’t, the world is being cheated out of your uniqueness.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the moment

Uplifting Life Partner
Ron Simplified Myers
“It ain’t right, it ain’t wrong, it’s my opinion”.

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