Most Valuable Player (Person) MVP

Most Valuable Player (Person) or MVP is a tag that people will freely give to others. Yet, most would never look at themselves that way. We have been programmed, that putting us first or thinking highly of ourselves is arrogance.

Another way it is shared is “it is better to give than receive.” All the messages that would keep you from believing and supporting You.

In this video I share why you must start with You. That person in the mirror is the person that travels with you 24 hours a day. You decide your present and your future.

Think about it, how can you get anything in your life accomplished without that person. So since we understand that, why is it that we believe someone else deserves the title “Most Valuable Person” (in your personal life).

Don’t get me wrong. Others will add value to your life. Even those people that we don’t agree with the way they live. They bring us clarity on what we do want.

So take a moment and watch the video and through the sharing, I hope the person that began watching is not the same person when it is complete. It is time to become the MVP in your life.



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